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COP21 – War and Peace

TERMINUS horizon2015An argument can be made that COP21 must address the subject of war and peace as an ecological issue.
Because secrecy veils the true numbers, it is difficult to accurately determine the amount of atmospheric pollution caused by the military. Nonetheless, it is significant.
A certain correlation can be found between the biggest C02 emitters of the world
and those who are in charge of the most militarized complex.
How come the IPCC does not take into account this form of destructive human activity?


Let’s look at Aircraft emissions, for example.

To tackle the issue of military pollution we need real, hard data. This means finding the right means, the right people, in the right place to work with us.
The video shows one example of the polluting aspect from the impact of military conflict. Burnt fields, exploitation and outright theft of raw materials diverted to military rather than peaceful use, and the "differentiated status" granted to certain countries under the Kyoto Protocol are other examples of pollution-inducing military activities that should be explored and discussed.
US military operations to protect oil imports coming from the Middle East are creating larger amounts of greenhouse gas emissions than once thought, new research from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln shows.

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sanguineThe massive financial resources allocated, absorbed or confiscated by the military is another essential issue to be addressed, but we have to be smart because the armed forces are positioning themselves as part of the solution. And, whether we like it or not, they will have an influence amongst the various delegations. We must move beyond the previous idyllic concepts - that funding for missiles and tanks should be diverted towards so-called "development", for example. The "polluters pay" principle seems to have been forgotten. New proposals are needed, not only taxation of weapons transfers or eventual taxes on nuclear warheads but also other linkages that would create specific funds for discrete and compelling purposes. Money to aid and rescue refugees, assist NGO's working on de-pollution and decontamination of military sites, funding to help and defend whistle blowers. We have an opportunity to highlight the huge gap between money spent by certain big powers on military assistance and that which is offered for climate assistance.

The risks related to geo-engineering could be a major focal point for us, particularly since the players behind the proposals to "climatise the planet" are often found to be linked in some way to the military-industrial complex - many of whom have been the most vocal nuclear hawks. Focusing on geo-engineering also gives us the opportunity to point out that the 1978 ENMOD Convention has been lying dormant for more than 20 years. The time is ripe to give ENMOD a new life, to reaffirm the linkage between disarmament and environment, and to enshrine November 6 as a day of remembrance with the same importance as that of the first of May, June 5th or September 21. Activists from Iraq hope to address this issue at the Alternative Forum being held in Montreuil concurrently with the main COP21 forum in le Bourget and it's our job to ensure the media makes this connection. French activists should not forget that France is the only NWS (and Israel) that has refused to sign the Convention.
The mainstream Paris agenda will try to avoid these critical issues, framing the nuclear problems as an energy "solution" thus confusing the politicians and the public with degrees, ppm, and other figures. Nevertheless, there is a growing number of public figures and journalists who are serious, dedicated and ready to look at the hidden side of IPCC and the inconvenient truth surrounding the Kyoto Protocol. COP21 is the best opportunity we have to raise these issues and it's location itself provides an important clue for them ... the simple fact the COP21 is taking place at the precise spot that hosts some of the world's largest arms fairs (Eurosatory, Euronaval, Milipol, Bourget Air Show) should serve as a reminder and an inspiration for all of us. COP21 might not be a peace conference, but it would be a step in the right direction if people realize that negotiations about Climate Change share much in common cause with those conferences that deal with Disarmament.